Tips to Stay Away from Scams while Selling your Car

As the world technology continues to evolve everything has become very fast-paced. These days people like to do most of their tasks through mobile phones or laptops. One such task is buying and selling cars online. A larger number of people prefer to sell their cars online rather than going to a dealer in the neighbourhood or giving ads in the newspapers.

There are multiple reasons people prefer selling their cars online. One of the reasons is you can get multiple offers for the car and you can sell it at a good price rather than selling it to the dealer. Additionally, the process is very quick online sometimes you can get offers on the same day you post the ad.

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Although it is a great convenience but you have to be careful from the scammers. It can get risky if you will not follow some safety precautions before making any transaction. Here are some of the tips discussed to make your experience safe and smooth.

Meet the buyer in person

The first precaution is never to sell your car to someone whom you have not met in person. Try to speak to them on the phone and set up a time to meet and chat. If they would be really interested they will definitely come and meet you. In case if they avoid meeting you and giving any information about themselves it means you should avoid this buyer.

In such cases there is a possibility later the buyer can get into an accident or damage the car on purpose and then claim that it was already damaged when they bought it. Then you might have to pay for something which was not your fault. Always describe your car accurately while advertising even mentioning the faults. For extra precaution, you can sign a letter while selling the car with the buyer mentioning all the details of the car to protect yourself.

Avoid personal checks

A very popular scam is making the payment using personal checks. Imagine a buyer gives you the check and asks you to ship the car and later the check bounces.

It is understood that sometimes it is not possible to carry thousands with you to make the payment in cash. It is better to make cashier’s check and meet up at the bank itself to verify the payment. But never accept any personal check or money transfer.

Choose a safe meeting place

Avoid meeting any buyers in private and secluded areas. It is always better you choose the place like meeting up in the parking lots of malls or grocery stores. For further safety, you can always take a friend with you for the meetings. It is preferable to meet during daylight rather than at night.

Test drive

When buyers will come to check the car obviously they would like to have the test drive. First thing is to ask for their driving license. This will also ensure if they can legally drive your car.

If you are accompanying the buyer for the test drive it is advisable not to go alone but take a friend along with you. In other cases, you can inform someone about your location and route. It is always better to ensure your safety.

Paying online scam

Some scammers try to pretend making payments online using such methods as Paypal and transfer the money in your account. Since it is a reliable service and the buyer might ask some genuine questions about the car which can make you believe him. In return, they will ask you to ship the car.

After you agree for the deal shortly you will receive an email with the payment receipt from the company and it will look just original. Then they will ask you to arrange the shipment.

There is no way you can receive the email without the payment in your account. So never believe on such emails until you have received the money in your account.

While it may seem it is difficult to deal with buyers online when you have such scams around you but if you will keep these points in mind then you don’t have to worry about them. In the end, selling your car to a private buyer can get you a bigger amount so always consider it. Be cautious about the details and don’t be in a hurry just wait for the right buyer.