Why is it Important to Add an MPG Indicator to Your Older Car?

Being the owner of a car gives you so much mental relaxation. You are aware that you can visit and move around in any area you want just because of your car. But every facility has its own challenges and in case of a car, we have to spend regularly on its insurance, maintenance, and registration.

Along with with these expenses, the other one which is more frequent is gasoline usage. But you can keep a check on your gasoline usage and make sure to use it more efficiently with the help of MPG.

Miles per gallon is a device found in newer cars especially hybrid cars it indicates how efficiently you are using the fuel. The good news is you can add this indicator in your older cars too made since 1996. The device has LED lights which can turn red or green depending on the MPG performance. This will ultimately help you to maximize your fuel efficiency.

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How does MPG indicator work?

MPG indicators show instantly the way you are driving, how it is affecting the fuel economy. It also shows the exact reading of how many miles you can cover per gallon. The device has sensors that calculate taking into account the car’s engine working, the fuel flow, manifold pressure, and throttle position.

The calculation is shown on the display so the driver can see how they are consuming the fuel at that time.

How it helps in improving driving?

An instant display on mpg will definitely impact your driving experience. After some time you will notice your way of driving has adjusted according to the mpg to achieve better mileage.

The best tip to cut down on your fuel consumption is to drive slowly.  If you use this device in a smarter way you can learn the techniques to save the fuel.

For instance, if you apply sudden brakes on a red light it consumes more fuel rather than applying the brakes gently. Maintaining a steady speed also saves the fuel instead of going on higher speed and applying brakes continuously and then speeding up the engine again. Rapid acceleration consumes more fuel so it is better to accelerate lightly as indicated through mpg.

Some drawbacks of using MPG

While mpg helps you to maintain your fuel economy there are some other important points to consider before using it. Paying too much attention to reading the mpg indicator can distract you while driving which can be very dangerous. It is important to train yourself to keep your attention on the road while maintaining good fuel economy.

It has been noticed some drivers using mpg show practices which can be unsafe. For example, applying brakes consume more fuel so some drivers might want to save fuel and not apply brakes even where required. It can be very dangerous as you might lose control of your car especially while taking turns.

Similarly, while driving on highways they will prefer driving at a steady speed and might not increase the speed even when necessary which can result in an accident.

So it is very important to refine your driving style according to the mpg but follow the safety precautions as well.

MPG indicator is a very beneficial device if used in an effective manner. However, some people might just follow it for a few weeks and then start ignoring it while going back to the older, less efficient way of driving. This way you will kill the purpose of mpg device, it will be in your car but useless. The main idea is to help you improve your driving manner and fuel economy.  

It is an efficient device used with safety measures which can help you save your fuel and money not only for a few weeks from for a much longer period of time.